I can’t say that I’ve been an avid follower of this year’s presidential election. I see the occasional article slamming Donald Trump for a certain ‘ism’, sometimes a meme or gif, then conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton that I have sometimes read at 4am in the morning. I mean, the UK has enough drama going on, so much so that we need to continue with our Great British Emotional Repression and not ever utter another word about that Nigel guy or that David, and pretty much all the other events of 2016 really.

But I have to talk about the one we all hate to talk about but the one that matters here.

The younger generation in the UK has already felt the punch in the stomach waking up on June 24th to a result the majority didn’t vote for. Yes, that’s how democracy works, but it isn’t necessarily representative. I know too many people who voted Leave just to see ‘what would happen’. This will continue to anger me until I am rolling in my grave but that’s another rant. I had finished my year’s work placement on the Thursday and what a way to spend my first night of freedom than by staying up through the night feeling my heart sink and expelling nervous sweats with every announcement. That was a bad time.

Okay we’re all Brexit’ed out, I won’t talk too much more about it. But such a result is a clear warning to future elections and referendums, however advisory they may be. Young American citizens must vote for their future. I guess voting between Clinton and Trump is much rather like choosing between diarrhea or vomit, but these are the set meals they’re getting. There’s no use choosing not to vote (basically doing a Russell Brand) because you DO have a voice. It’s integral you USE your voice.

As a woman, I think it’s offensive to the Suffragettes to choose not to vote. Crazily enough, women in Saudi Arabia were only allowed to vote just last year. But my reason to vote is even more so because I wouldn’t want to let my future self down by looking at the state of the economy and political system and know that I didn’t at least try to change something. These are things that were inevitably going to spiral into the void anyway but choosing a leader who can somewhat wisely and reasonably pick out their cabinet to deal with the state affairs is the only control we have. Or we all spark a revolution and carry out dirty protests on one another which I wouldn’t recommend, but hey it’s 2016, why not push the boat out?

I still wish RuPaul had decided to run for President as I reckon he could have brought world peace with a side of glitter and sass. I’m not sure how well him and Putin would have got along but the Russians love their vodka, and Absolut Vodka and Drag Race are inseparable. Win-win for the world.

So, in the words of the delightful Ru, in regard to your votes cast today, don’t fuck it up. Whatever the result may be, feel some solitude that you did vote and try make a difference. The polls are so close and by just a few of you deciding not to vote for Clinton today, you could be seeing Trump in office. And Western Society permits freedom of speech so I won’t block you if you are a Trump-fan (are Trump fans called Trumpets?).

If you genuinely have no opinion on the candidates (which is a pretty impossible concept to grasp considering who they are), then don’t blindly vote. At least read some quick summaries of their manifestos before you vote; I guess that’s allowed.

Oh, and if you’re still not convinced whether to vote, just watch Ru here.

On behalf of the UK, we wish you all the luck and I am genuinely raising my three fingers in the air whistling the Hunger Games tune.







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