It’s been a number of hours since the 45th president of the United States was elected, meaning these hours should have given everyone time to process WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???!!

Arguably, we’re in a progressive society. And how? Well, we’re seeing the gender pay gap gradually close and schemes such as working from home be more inclusive to mothers and fathers with busy schedules, and transgender individuals being more widely accepted and integrated in society (social media for sure has helped this). But then again it seems as though the more materialistic and dependent on technology we have become, the less morally in-tune we are. How else can you explain why a substantial proportion of the electorate chose an openly racist, sexist, man to lead their country and effectively be the most powerful leader in the world?

I can’t even believe I thought the prospect of Nigel Farage as Prime Minister was startling enough, but in comparison, he seems absolutely harmless. At least Farage has a history in politics. Trump may be a businessman and entrepreneurial tycoon, but he hasn’t the faintest regard to freedom of identity or freedom of speech, or particularly how building a beautiful, impenetrable wall would realistically stop immigrants from coming in. But despite all the wealth of America and Trump himself, the ‘Mexicans’ are going to have to pay for the wall. Partially counter-intuitive, but sure… We live in a technologically advanced age – I’m sure the peasantry below the Trump elite can simply pool their resources and finances together to get this wall taken down. Oh it’ll just be like the pulling down of the Berlin Wall, how history loves to repeat itself!

But, Trump is a successful businessman who does appear to want to help the working-class citizens, which is remarkable. Whether he actually acts on this is questionable, knowing all the lies that politicians (and pseudo-politicians) can pop into their manifestos to cover all electorate grounds. One of his Infrastructure policies states that Trump will transform the “crumbling infrastructure” into a “golden opportunity” to plug economic growth and more rapid productivity gains. These are all fancy buzzwords which may dazzle his voters but I would like a bit more understanding on how this is all going to come into fruition. But luckily, Trump genuinely sets out his plans for generating income, which I can’t argue with.

So okay, maybe the economy might turn around, and that’s great. But if American citizens are to trust a businessman as their leader, we at least expect Trump to act like a politician. Which I don’t think is the case. He sets out these seemingly-progressive plans for Childcare yet he will vocalise about grabbing women by their p*ssy, and how pregnancy is an “inconvenience” to employers. I may not be an expert on US politics, but I have a wrenching feeling that to benefit from economic freedoms, individuals may have to abandon their identities to some extent, whether they are openly LGBT+, a feminist, or a proud African-American.

2016 has genuinely be the biggest sh*t-show to face the younger generation in a long time. I really believe that while writing on the past events of the 11 months, historians will give 2016 its own book. And we still have over a month to go, the next worse news will be that Christmas is cancelled.

I really anticipate that just as the UK are somewhat coping with the Brexit vote (bearing in mind negotiations haven’t even begun yet which would take us to March 2019 AND Parliament have the final say anyway (god bless its supremacy)), the USA can equally recover from the vote this morning and at least try and welcome in their new President.

If failing, people know how to demand a revolution. Maybe it will be called Make America Free Again, Make America Less-Great Because Your Idea of Great Is Wrong… so many options.


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