Ahh, the rise and fall of Honey G. That is a retrospective spoiler alert, by the way, pointing out that the Marmite of X Factor was voted off the competition last night.

Personally I detested the aura about Honey G. If Honey G had been truly passionate for rap, she wouldn’t solely stick to ‘cheese rap’; that is the catchy, pop-esque side to the genre. Salt n Pepa’s ‘Push It’ may be a banger, but it isn’t difficult to rap, even for a middle aged white woman. Personally, I would have liked to see some Busta Rhymes ‘Look At Me Now’.

One day.

There is then of course, the whole discourse about whether Honey G is a genuine rapper. In my view, she’s found herself loathing her dead-end job and wants to try out something new. Maybe it’s a sign of a midlife crisis. Either way, everyone should be entitled to creep out of their comfort zone and try something which steps over socially constructed boundaries. Even if that does involve making a t*t out of yourself on national television.

There always seems to be an ‘entertaining’ contestant in X Factor though. Having a controversial contestant makes people watch the show out of agitation which boosts viewing rates, which in turn makes people vent and rant over social media – increasing their prominence on the web. It’s meticulously crafted PR.

I’m not implying that the X Factor is a fix, but there has to be an element to a broadcasted competition which eliminates all seriousness and integrity from time to time. Rather well-aligned, Ed Balls, the MP, was voted off Strictly Come Dancing. As a result, of course people like Wagner or Stavros Flatley will not win such shows. Their presence keeps up the viewers until it hits the near-end, like semi-final or quarter-final.

But hey, that’s my hypothesis.

I guess we should watch this space as to what Honey G will do next. I bet my next student loan that she will end up doing guest appearances at student unions across UK universities by this time next year, however.





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