It’s difficult sometimes to get my word across as a 21 year old white woman, lucky enough to live in a nation currently untouched by war, famine or poverty. I have never personally experienced the loss of my family, or have had to seek refuge in a foreign land, or adjust to a new way of living in order to survive. Yet, I shouldn’t have had to experience war or disaster to understand the support that is necessary for its victims. So, I will make my voice heard amongst the other millions.

Having witnessed the anti-Trump protests and marches over the last few days, I have been completely astounded and overwhelmed at the tenacity and fearlessness of this generation, particularly the women. We, as womankind, do not let a somewhat unsolicited man make sexist, abhorrent executive orders such as the re-implementation of the ‘global gag rule’ and other so-called ‘administrative’ duties today or tomorrow. The sexism stops now.

Trump is a blunt blade attempting to scar feminist history, half-heartedly cutting their magnitude out of our minds. We will never back down.

President or stranger – nobody, no man or woman can force what you can do with your body, your womb, your ovaries, your vagina, your testicles, your penis, your gender, you.

Nobody, no man or woman can dictate how you should be treated because of your race, your nationality, your home country, your heritage, your history, your religion, your family, you.

Let’s keep fighting for our inalienable human rights, rights which we are all entitled to as human beings, no matter our gender, our sex, our race, our sexuality, our class.

I respect democracy, but a President who has freely denigrated individuals for having a ‘p*ssy’ to not being white is not acceptable and does not respect the values we should all hold in today’s society, particularly of an advanced, Western country.

Sexism and racism will not be enshrined in the orders of anybody with or without power. We must stand up to defeat these evils through our freedom to protest against fascist ideals. This is why it is important for the UK to cut ties with the US should Trump still be President. We have already lost the EU, and losing the US may cost us the rest of our deteriorating economy. But, morality should come first. For May to overlook a misogynistic leader is utterly shameful, despite his purported economic strength.

Yet, I am proud to be of one of the over 1m who have signed the petition to prevent Trump’s state visit to the UK. I do not want to live in a country which curtails hope and prosperity for all races and instead, allows discrimination and hate.



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