My comfort and my biggest fear both at once, you have helped me to win battles, and avoid them at your own peril too.

You have sacrificed the hollow of your womb for me to develop and be nourished by you. And now, you would give it all up for me, from financing my education, rent, practical survival, to ensuring I look and feel my best with the occasional treats and salon appointments.

Meeting me in McDonalds at 8am after I had thrown up on my clothes after a heavy night, buying me orange juice and a bag full of warm clothes, you wouldn’t have thought twice.

Pushing me to be the best. Sometimes, reducing me to tears because I didn’t believe in myself. But you always did. You never lost faith in me.

I hated having overprotective parents. Yet, I have become an independent, intelligent woman thanks to my upbringing. You didn’t want to see your youngest go into town on her own at the age of 14, but you didn’t want to smother me either. You nailed the whole parenting thing.

Giving me the big half of every food we would share, even buying me another ice cream after I would ask for mint chocolate and throw a tantrum after taking the first lick, and learning that I hated it. I did this more than once. And every time you still coped.

You have always accepted my friends  with open arms, treating them as your own and never judging their faults. You treat my boyfriend like a son too, which is something you didn’t have to do, but I appreciate you for it.

Juggling a full time job with caring for two daughters when my dad would be working abroad, cleaning after us, ironing all weekend or with your arms in a bucket of hot soapy water, you don’t relax enough.

Anywhere with you is a sanctuary, because you are home to me, and you are my mum.

Happy Mother’s Day to my glorious, wonderful mum. I hate to get soppy, but as every Mothering Sunday comes along, there also comes the eventual realisation that one could be the last you get to celebrate for your mum’s sake.

I genuinely couldn’t function without my mum, as I seem to text her every day with some form of advice being sought.

I love you, mum, this day’s for you. X



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